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The Artist, the Founder & the Foundation.

Betty J. Henderson Hopkins - The Artist and the Inspiration Behind the Foundation


Foundation's Artist

Her philosophy is to inspire others with her artwork.  She was an amazingly passionate artist who truly found her happiest times in life while she was painting & being involved in the art world through inspiring and supporting other artists through the various groups she belonged to. 

Betty lived a life of service both inside her profession as an educator and then college administrator, creating programs to bring more underserved youth into STEM professions by supporting them in catching up on their schoolwork classes so they would qualify for those programs when they applied to college.

When she finally went into art. She dove into it with a passion, learning all she could, and painting subjects that interested her.  She created many works during her too short period as an artist that both inspire and motivate one into reaching for their dreams and goals with a fervent passion.


We get so caught up in what we want our life to be that we forget what our life actually is... if you want something different you have to choose something different
~ Veronique

B. Hopkins - Founder  - My Story

The Unexpected Path to the
Foundation's Ultimate Purpose

From Stupidity into Clarity…

Below is a short story of how the foundation came into being it's true purpose today.

The original goal of forming the
BETTY J. HENDERSON HOPKINS FOUNDATION was to fulfill a dream of my mother's, to share her paintings so others could be inspired by their soulful renderings. Unfortunately she passed away before that dream came into fruition. During the time of grieving and settling her
affairs the foundation was placed on the sidelines.


As I went through endless papers I realized how much my mother rose above her own trials & tribulations to accomplish being a respected professor, college administrator and to her enjoyment, a soulful artist.

What was a shock to me, something my anger kept me from knowing about my mother, was just how much she humbly & deeply served the community through tireless service to others and how much joy she received from her service. Something she never fully shared.

I realized how blind I was to who my mother really was (that service was a part of who she was, not just something she did) verses who I believed her to be from my own childish misperceptions that I held onto for dear life. Misperceptions that turned simple anger into a vengeful person that I hid well. (I’ll expand on that story under about the CEO)

In the settling of her estate I got to know my real mother. The mother that silently rose above her hardships to become a honored professor, college administrator and a woman, despite what still may had been limiting her, a woman who shared herself by being in service to others.  Much to my great regret these discoveries caused me to realize, how much my own anger & vengeance compounded misinterpretations and the trials and tribulations I brought into my own life by holding onto the illusion of righteousness.

I falsely prided myself as a child that followed in my mother's footsteps. These discoveries made me realized I had wandered far, far off that path when I realized that holding onto my anger prevented me from knowing the joy my mother received in being of service to others, and prevented me being of any real service as well. A pain I was able to recover from with the use of the
Freedom Is Internal System.

"Lost time is never found again"

~Benjamin Franklin

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