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Stressed Woman

Personal Growth & Development
for Black Women

The archetype of the "Strong Black Woman" weighs heavily on us as Black women.  It can weigh us down and hold us back from being the self we were meant to be in our journey here.  The key is to be able to differentiate between the misperceptions and the truth so we don't become a caricature of our true inner strength that ultimately draws so many to us in one way or another.

The Question Is...

How do we as Black Women access our pure inner strength so we can:

  • be more clear to make choices that bring more constructive & functional results in our lives

  • reinterpret the past traumas which have created misperceptions that lock us into a cycle of acceptin destructive relationships

  • develop effective strategies that greatly reduce the amount of stress we incur... the kind of stress which greatly damages our mental, emotional and physical health & well being

  • support us to becoming more aware of when we are allowing ourselves to be used, controlled & manipulated and how to avoid that in the future

  • become much more loving with ourselves

The good news is we CAN change our own fate.

The only guiding factor in how fast you can create change is your willingness to be unconditionally responsible for your choices & embrace change.

If you are ready to free yourself from the mindsets our community has trained into us over the years...
that we are not as valued, as important and as respected as the males,


you want to open yourself up to having constructive, nurturing, healthy & abundant relationships

Then fill out the form below where you will be taken to the simple yet potent resource that WILL change your life and open you up to more love and self worth if that is your highest priority & you are willing to allow that for yourself.

You will also receive a series of inspirational images created from original artwork once a week for  to get you started.

Who Are We

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