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Poem to Celebrate Black History Month - The Departing

The Departing

Ruby Lee Thompson - 1991

AT the early time of daybreak,

During an early morning shower;

There we lingered by her bedside,

Through her last departing hour.

There I wondered,

Does Jesus love her,

Does Jesus hear our prayer;

Does Jesus really love and care?

Then I whispered there in silence,

As the silver cord was loosed;

When he broke the golden bowl,

Which are the waters of life

I cried, we have lost! but you dear Jesus,

Will you keep complete control?

Yes, I know you have possession,

And you will keep and guide her soul.

He gave us the earthly body,

Which has been lain beneath the ground;

Back into that earthly dust,

To where it was found.

Through the soul and the spirit,

Flew away to live with God;

No more to suffer in that earthly path,

Where once she as trod.

Now in our quiet little country Graveyard,

Near a flat back on the hill;

That body lies sleeping with other loved ones

Beneath the clay so cold and so still.

And as we sit around our fireside,

There remains their vacant chairs;

But we have great hopes that they

are resting, peacefully resting,

In the Savior's tender care.

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