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It is Not the Mountain We Conquer But Ourselves

"As a child, it was never my aspiration to wake up everyday and say
“how can I be helpless and fearful today?”

Like everyone else, I had hopes & dreams.
Through time, through life, through all the crap I held onto, what I passioned
my life to become became filtered and unrecognizable. I blamed
everything and everyone around me, never owning up - to how - my silently
held anger and deeper vengeance was,
in reality,
the actual culprit."

~ B. Hopkins


Hello everyone my name is B. Hopkins. I am the youngest daughter
of Betty J Henderson Hopkins. The woman who this foundation was named after.

Our family’s history began like so many Black Americans, in slavery.

I first created this foundation to fulfill my mother’s living wish of making her
art work (that encapsulates both her memories and dreams) available to
those that were inspired by her pieces. In a twist of fate the foundations
course evolved into a greater desire of hers,

supporting Black women into claiming themselves.

Due to a lifelong and distorted misperception that fueled my anger and
vengeance I only realized this core of who my mother was until after her death.
A grief filled regret I decided to turn around. Instead I chose to use my grief as
the fuel to finally - let go - and transform myself so I could bring her full
dream into reality.

The irony of my story is, 14 years prior, in my never ending search for freedom I
guided myself to the answer I was looking for. I never valued or used this
knowledge - instead, I choose to regurgitate my anger filled misperceptions. In my thoughts of anger and vengeance I could only see my discovery as a lump of coal, not the diamond that it actually was. 
It was only recently that I realized that diamond in my hand is the only thing, in ALL my journeys, that could even truly address the level of anger and vengeance I carried.


My mother’s passing away
before her dream was fully realize became grief I could not run from.
As a result, the purpose of this foundation has grown into supporting other
Black women into exchanging any anger or vengeance we perceive and
may continue to live though from our mutual inherited history,

into having greater freedom & self love.

My only wish for those that discover this site is that

you make a different choice than I originally did and not
take the 14 years that it took me to let go of what only creates same old, same old -
and begin the journey of self-love - by forgiving ignorance.

I'm happy to share my story to promote the growth of this foundation. 

This foundation uses the inspiration of her art projects to support you in
igniting your own unique gifts.
Use your innate courage to never settle for anything less than being who you are

by always imagining your world as you passion it to be.

Home: Welcome

Our programs combine the magical trio of art from this foundation, and the Freedom Is Internal System which combines quantum physics, and spirituality and the affiliate program which can create financial freedom.  United this combination is an unstoppable compassionate & impassioned force to be reckoned with.


Caution, which is often a virtue, but when carried too far

leaves opportunities in the dusk. 
Take a chance on yourself... Destiny awaits!

What We Do and How We Do It

We offer 3 fabulous programs,

  1. selling the collection of art from Betty J Henderson Hopkins that connects you with your soul in multiple sizes & mediums and with or without inspirational quotes

  2. providing a system that simply shows how quantum physics explains spirituality and how spirituality uses your soul and your heart as your main guidance system & your mind as a support to that guidance system

  3. providing an opportunity for expanding your prosperity.

Why We Focus on Black Women

Black women today face some very unique challenges that greatly affect their ability to use their potential to significantly contribute to their community.  Did you know that:

  • A black woman in the US is murdered every 5 hours?

  • Black women are twice as likely to die in childbirth as non black women?

  • Even though Black women develop cancer at a lower rate than non Black women, Black women are twice as likely to die of cancer?

  • Yet Black Women are the most educated demographic

african woman 2 - Soul Survivor_flat-small_edited.jpg


This painting on the left, titled "Soul Survivor", has been acclaimed of stirring the soul and is part of the Betty J Henderson Hopkins collection.  Her work was about honoring Black Women and their contributions over the centuries. Owning a copy of this rendering is a soulful experience.  You can relate this to the difference between a live concert and listening to the album.  It's the magic of what you feel in the direct connection of holding a reprint of this painting in your hand.  As a bonus, you purchase includes an audio that provide you a path to the subtleties.


We are an affiliate seller to a Life Success Education Program the

Freedom Is Internal System. 

This System is a simple, yet incredibly grounded toolset that allow you to naturally rise above everyday challenges to what creates drama/trauma infused situations - anything- that holds us back from fully realizing ourselves & our innate potential.



We offer an affiliate program that allows you to increase your prosperity level when you sell the Life Success Education Program.  You don't have to have purchased anything.  You can just resell this program.  Click the button below if you are interested in becoming an affiliate.

"When focus and passion are absent in one's life, it's difficult to fully connect with others because you have yet to fully connect with yourself by expressing your soul's passion through your heart's desire. 
Without a connection to your passion, one lives without hope. Without that hope, there is nothing to realize.  Without something to realize (look forward to) one loses sight on what is important in life. 
If you lose what is important in life, you will always want to blame outside forces vs connecting to the power your  in your ability to make changes."

~ Veronique (the creator of the Freedom Is Internal System)

If you would like to volunteer your services to further the mission of this foundation we could use your help... or... you're interested in joining our affiliate program, please fill out the form on the right

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